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Pom Pom Bag Charm

Tuesday, 26 January 2016
Have you seen all these adorable pom pom bag charms about lately? They remind me of an old Juicy Couture handbag I used to own!  As soon as I saw them I pretty much decided I had to have one! But of course I had to DIY it! 

I had already found the most adorable fluffy pom poms at Wool Warehouse! WW stocks a range of faux fur pom poms in various colours, the hardest part of this tutorial is choosing which colour to make! I finally settled on the Lion brand - Mink coloured pom pom (£1.49). It measures a fantastic 7cm in size so won't get lost on your bag or key chain! 

The pom poms come with a loop of elastic attached.  For this make I simply cut it off! 

As for the findings I had a check around the house for various bits to reuse! So the keyring was from a broken keyring and the chain from an old necklace I had lying around! But basically all you need is a keyring, 2 jump rings and a small length of chain. 
To fix the chain to your pom pom I sewed like crazy just using a standard needle and length of thread! I sewed mine in white thread but you can't see the stitches at all due to it's fluffyness! See..........................
And taaaa daahhhh! you have one super awesome fuzzy keyring! Ideal for tormenting kitties with, adding to your favourite handbag or simply accessorizing your boring keys! 
If you make one please share your photos to our social media pages and either tag us or use the hashtag #houseofwonderland :)

Have a fuzzy filled evening! 

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