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Jewellery Club | Day Of The Dead

Friday, 28 October 2016
Yay! Today we get to finally share with you the contents of this months jewellery club! Whoooop! So this months theme was of course..... Day of The Dead! Here's the cover photo I designed for this month.
This months collection was chillingly awesome, if i do say so myself! :D I kept a few bits for myself! #sonotsorry but before we get into it let's have a look at what we created this month...
We decided on a Black, White, Blue & Red colour scheme for this set... 
We decided to spruce up the boxes to match the jewellery too... so we opted for these gorgeous black glittery jewellery club boxes ^ ^ ^ 

This month was super duper time consuming as I ended up hand cutting each charm! :O Never again! :D LOL I think the end result was totally worth it though:
So let's have a look at some of the goodies in more detail...

So in this set I created
-Double layer skull choker necklace (RRP £15)
-Bunny skull acrylic stud earrings (RRP £6)
-Cat skull adjustable bracelet (RRP £7)
-Skull Tassel charm earrings (RRP £7)
-Greetings card with bunny skull (RRP £3)

My absolute favourite from this month was the choker necklace and since making it i haven't taken mine off! :D I am also really proud of the bunny stud earrings. I think they came out amazing! Whats your favourite?
We do have a few of the DOTD jewellery boxes left and they are listed in our Etsy shop here, if you missed out!

Before I go don't forget next months jewellery club will go on sale on the 1st of November (OMGOSH isn't this year flying by?!?!?) at the usual time of 9am over at

I hope you weekend is full of magic and glitter!

Simple Ombre Nail Tutorial

Wednesday, 19 October 2016
Over the past few months Iv'e been getting a lot of requests for a nail tutorial. Many of you have spotted my nails over on our Instagram and Facebook pages so I thought the time had come to finally get around to sharing it with you! :D 
This is my go to manicure for a quick and cute polish. It dries really quickly and is super simple to do. So let's get started shall we...
So to do this nail tutorial you basically need two colours of nail polish. One darker and one lighter works best. I'm using a lilac and a dark blue. You will also need some sponge (!) I cut a sponge into 1cm x 2cm pieces. 
Apply your nail polish like so! I do a lighter colour first and then the darker colour at the tip. This doesn't have to be neat just as long as it's on your nails! :D 
Dab it with a sponge to blend. Now if you're careful with this you shouldn't get any on your fingers. But if you do a Q-tip and some nail polish remover will do the trick! Repeat this method over all nails doing one finger at a time. 
Once you have done one coat like this, go back and do a second coat and seal with a clear varnish.
Next apply a glittery varnish for instant sparkle! Now you could just finish here or why not add one of your favourite Rockin Claws nail transfers?
I'm going to try out our new mandala Rockin Claws!
and here's how it came out! Our Rockin Claws come with full instructions on the reverse so follow the packing to apply these. :) <3 font="" nbsp="">The mandala would have probably looked better on a lighter base but I actually love the effect!

Be sure to check out our full range of Rockin Claws here

If you do decide to try out I'd love to see your pictures so be sure to tag us on social media! 

Have a great rest of the week Wonderlanders!