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HOW Jewellery Club - Mermaid

Sunday, 28 February 2016
The time has come to reveal February's HOW Jewellery Club box contents!  This month was Mermaids! ....because who doesn't love mermaids right?  So for this box I wanted to create some fun bits as well as a more grown up take on the mermaid theme. When researching it I came across a lot of  cartoony mermaid illustrations and for this collection I wanted something a bit more subtle! So let's firstly take a look at the main photo used on our listing.

Here it is! ...but  it also has a big clue as to what was in the box as we included one of these prints in the box!

So with the theme in mind let's take a look at what was in the latest HOW Jewellery Club box!

In this box you will find:
-Laser cut pink shell charm necklace (RRP £12)
-Hand sculpted shell ring with organza bag and sequins! (RRP £5)
-Limited Edition Rockin Claws, Mermaid (RRP £3.50)
-Magical sea scented bath salts (RRP £2.50)
-Anchor hair slide (RRP £5)
-Mermaid glossy die cut stickers (RRP £5)
-Sparkly sea blue pencils (RRP £2.50)
-Secretly a mermaid print (RRP £6)
-Custom made heart of the ocean candy (RRP £1)
-Part time mermaid pin from punky pins (RRP £5)
-A business card to one of our favourite stores the Art of Silvia "Silly" Ballardini
-HOW Newsletter with punky pins interview

This box was great fun to make! The bath salts left HOW HQ smelling gorgeous for about a week! My favourites from this box are the pink shell necklace and the punky pins brooch as well as the stickers!  Next months theme will of course be 50's Diner and will be released on the 1st of March, 9am over at the HOW jewellery club website

If you missed this box fear not! We now have a couple more available over in our Etsy store right here

Have a magicial day little Wonderlanders and don't forget our next box launches on Tuesday! Whoop Whooop!
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