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HOW Jewellery Club - Biscuit Invasion

Friday, 27 May 2016
EEEK! I have been waiting to show you our latest box for what feels like forever! I guess maybe because we are planning further in advance these days it feels like longer! :D But hands down this has to be one of my FAVOURITE boxes we have ever done! The theme for May's box was of course biscuit invasion! We were officially over run by lots of biscuity goodness! Honestly it was hard work! :D The research we had to go through of consuming packs and packs of biccys! :D :D :D Anyway we set a colour scheme of lots of yummy pastels to give our biscuits a twist. Check out our listing photo below: 
I think the photo above really shows what this box is all about! But don't take my word for it! Let's see what was included in this months box....
Pretty awesome right? Oh! We totally had issues with photos this month :'( It's been so dark and gloomy that some of the pictures aren't as bright as usual :( Where has the sun gone? If you see it please send it our way! ;) Anyway back to the pictures....
Ahhhhhhh so much pastely biscuity goodness!....

In this box you will find:
-Two tone chocolate lolly from The Happy Mail(RRP £1.50)
-Pastel Biscuit Hair Clip (I think we had 5 different colours!)(RRP £5)
-Set of 3 'Stuff to do' planner stickers(RRP £3.50)
-Biscuit gold charm necklace (RRP £8)
-Biscuit Collar Clips (RRP £13)
-Make your own donut pattern from Baby Quiche Customs
-Signed & Numbered Limited edition biscuit A4 print (RRP £12)
-Set of 6 illustrated biscuit postcards (RRP £5)
-Pastel biscuit pin brooch (RRP £6)
-Screenprinted large biscuit patch (RRP £6)
-A sprinkle of magic
And the add on earrings this month were a set of three swiss roll, cake and strawberry stud earrings.
Pretty sweet right? I have so many favourites from this box! The necklace is just so dainty and pretty, the collar clips are amazing!! As you know I also have a pin and patch addiction so they are pretty up there for me too! And the print and stickers and postcards are just lush! I ended up keeping quite a few extras from this box for myself I loved it that much! We still have a couple more extras available. I have listed them over in our Etsy store so you can find them over there. I'll pop the links below:

Biscuit Invasion Box | available here
Illustrated Art Print | available here
Large Biscuit Patch | available here

We will be sharing next months theme next Monday but if you love the 90's im pretty sure your going to love this box! ;) Oh! And one last thing before I go... Our flash sale will be taking place this evening from 7-9pm over on our facebook page! Head over there tonight for lots of bargains on our new arrivals and bestsellers as well as some freebies too!

See you there!

The pin game

Thursday, 5 May 2016
As you may have seen from our Instagram I have gone totally bonkers for awesome pins and patches and wanted to share with you the start of my collection! My collection began just a couple of months ago when we done the mermaid themed HOW jewellery club box and we included an awesome part time mermaid pin. Well since then it's grown.... just a little....
Top left fly my pretties pin from HOW Jewellery Club, Part time mermaid pin for HOW Jewellery Club by Punky Pins, Girl Gang pin from Lucky Dip Club, Die hard pins, Johnny Depp pin and Lemmy is god pins from Good Good Pins, Fox Mulder pin from Robin Eisenberg, Unicorn head pin from Pin Club, Lipstick Knife patch from Tallulah Lost, Drew Patch from Papergang, Fancy cake pin from Holly Sims Design, Trust no one collar clips from House Of Wonderland, Unicorn poop pin from Mighty Pop, Mexican Cactus Pin from Clumsy Kate, Fabulous pin from HOW Jewellery Club, The crybaby club patch from Crybaby girl gang, Adventurer patch from Labarbudashop, Ghostbusters and Wednesday patch from Diablo Jo, You're doing okay patch from Samantha Eynon.
How awesome are these right? But wait! There is more.... :D 
 This adorable little dino and kitty pin are from we are extinct
And finally this Jurassic park and Wonderwoman patch are from Panda Seven Shop
I am still awaiting another 12 deliveries of patches and pins! :D I'm pretty sure it's normal to be this obsessed right??? :D I need to find an awesome jacket or bag to flaunt these on as my little banner is getting full pretty fast! :D 

Have you seen any awesome patches and pins lately? How do you wear them? Tell me below V V V

Oh! Before I go I have a couple of things to share with you. The first one being that I made crybaby club's button finalists whooooooop! If you could give the Crybaby wanda a little vote that would be awesome! Just click here to go to the page! 

And lastly we released more of our brand new biscuit invasion boxes last night! EEEK! Head over to the website now at to grab yours :)

Have a magical day!