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Award-winning entrepreneur and business owner Tessa Shearer offers the world a quirky mix of art and design, generally spreading pretties and unicorns throughout the land. Her shop, House of Wonderland, features work from Tessa, as well as collaborative efforts from other fantastic designers. Together they are able to offer limited edition designs for jewelry, tattoos, handbags, cards, and much more.

Tessa studied Art & Design in Skipton, Yorkshire. After bringing new beauty into the world via the birth of her first child, she returned to college to continue her professional development in Theatre Costume Design, but she left before finalizing her qualification, keen to establish her own business. Tessa has an array of experience in fashion, jewelry and website design. She also creates pop art, comic books, illustration paintings, and limited edition art prints. Tessa was also pre-selected for the Royal Society of Portrait Painters exhibition in London.

Inspired by the strange mix of Japanese and vintage styles and the taste of her two young children, Tessa launched House of Wonderland in the spring 2012 of House of Wonderland. The shop expresses both of her passions—unique, colourful designs, and supporting independent companies, designers and suppliers. As an added bonus, most of the art is from independent UK stores so as to provide a “proud to be British” product.

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