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HOW Jewellery Club - Wizard Of Oz

Thursday, 28 April 2016
It's that awesome time of the month again when we reveal the goodies which were sent out in this months HOW Jewellery club box! Whooop! So we had a couple of changes this month which were mostly to the website. If you head over to the website here you will see that there are now two tabs on the menu for subscribing. The first 'Join now', when you click on this you can choose from 3 options. A one off box (£19), 3 months pre-paid (£50) and add on earrings (£4). Now if you click on 'Monthly box' you will find the rolling subscription box offer (£17).  This one automatically bills you every month so if you set it up on the 1st you don't need to worry about re-joining every month. 

Aprils box theme was of course Oz! Inspired by the enchanting story the wonderful wizard of oz. Think rainbows, gingham and magic! Research for this box pretty much involved watching every wizard of oz film and program I could find. Now I have a confession to make... prior to making this box I had never actually seen wizard of oz all the way through.... I thought it was an old boring musical! Oh how wrong I was! So me and the ikklest Wonderlanders sat around the TV to watch the original film and OH MY GOD! It's amazing! How have I not watched this before??? Even my littlest Wonderlanders Dyaln (9) and Joshua (7) loved it too! So totally inspired by the film I set about creating a magical box to compliment the classic tale. 

Here is the listing image I designed....
 Are you ready to see what's inside this box? Aghhhh the suspense is killing me! Let's do this!....
Taaaaa dahhhhhhhh! Pretty awesome right? But what's inside I hear you ask?.....

In this box you will find:
-Wand Wish Bracelet (RRP £4)
-The Wonderful Lizard Of Oz A6 art print (RRP £6)
-Dorothy Nail Decals (RRP £3.50)
-Somewhere over the rainbow A5 Notebook (RRP £6)
-Kansas Charm Necklace (RRP £10)
-Limited Edition 'Pretties' pin'(RRP £6)
-Red Slipper bracelet (RRP £4)
-Yellow brick road sherbet (RRP £1.50)
-Paper box craft kit (RRP £1.50)
-Random wooden brooch from Lauras Jewellery (RRP £5)
-A clue for next months box
-A sprinkle of magic
And the add on earrings this month were a Dorothy and toto silhouette pair (RRP £6)
Aren't they just the sweetest?

I totally adore this box! I think the necklace, print and pin have to be my personal favourites! Whats yours?

Has anyone guessed next month's theme yet? :D :D :D
.....So we are doing something a little different again for next month and will be announcing the theme tomorrow! The new box for May will be on sale as usual on the 1st at 9am but our theme will be announces tomorrow! EEEK! 

 If you missed this box fear not! We now have a couple more available over in our Etsy store right here

What themes would you like to see us do in future?