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New From HOW, From a New Perspective!

Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Ahoy there fellow Wonderlanders!

I am sorry to say that Tess has been bogged down with so much work lately she hasn't had a chance to post a new blog. So, instead, you are stuck with me! Arrr!

I'm told that I am to talk about any new stuff that's been going on here at HOW HQ and not talk about my brand new pirate ship :( I guess I'll get straight into it :)

Lately Tess has made these FANTASTIC paper cuts! She has made a brilliant Studio Ghibli based one, with a little help from me, and some nagging to put more Chibis on it.

After a bit more nagging from me, she made this Dr Who one!

Then, after locking me out of the room (no idea why!), she made her favourite one yet, DISNEY!! Which I think is made perfect by little Timone :D

You can buy all of these on ebay for now:

Studio Ghibli Papercut:
Dr Who Papercut:
Disney Papercut:

Lastly, Tess kept her hands busy by making this amazing little Eve from Wall-E! Unfortunately, she isn't for sale, despite how much everybody loves her :P But hopefully, one day she'll have her Wall-E to keep her company :D

This blog has been brought to you by the much respected and feared,
Steve the Pirate
(Fighting the seven seas since I built my imaginary boat)

I am Ironman...

Sunday, 4 May 2014
There were great battles here at HOW HQ at who wanted what mittens... So I thought I would hide away for a moment and share this awesome pattern with you to make your very own!

Pretty cool! Huh? You can find the pattern for these little babies here in our brand new Etsy Digital shop!

Make yours tonight and upload your awesome pictures to our facebook page!


Bat Minion Mittens!

Saturday, 3 May 2014
So last night I had an awesome idea! What about making little crochet mittens inspired by Batman vs Minions?! So I dug out my yarn and came up with these...

Arnt they fab? Inspired by 60's batman these are great for the little ones!

So, fancy making your own? Well you can! You can find our pattern in our new HOW digital shop here

If you are new to Etsy don't forget if you sign up via this link click here you get £5 off your first shop! Not bad huh? So what you waiting for? Got make some bat-minion mittens and get your FREE £5!

If you do make these up we would love to see your pictures! Be sure to post them on our HOW facebook page :)

Tess x