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HOW Jewellery Club - 50's Diner

Monday, 28 March 2016
EEEK! I have been waiting for what feels like forever to reveal our 50's diner themed jewellery club box! Well guess what!? That time has come! Whooop whooop! The theme for our March box was of course 50's Diner. This was inspired by all of our pin up and rockabilly Wonderlanders! I really love every item we made for this box and hope our subscribers do too! But without further delay let's take a look shall we?????

So here was the main listing image we used for this box. Check out our awesome doodles!: 
So here is a full view picture of the box opened... Then we shall go into more detail on what was actually included :) 
Doesn't it look AMAZING!!!! :D Here are some of the pictures from this box...
In this box you will find:
-Metal Vinyl Record Charm Necklace (RRP £10)
-Vintage inspired diner large magnet (RRP £6)
-It's only Rock n Roll A6 art print (RRP £6)
-Metal pink fabulous badge (RRP £5)
-Large red hair bow from Miss Cherry Makewell (RRP £3.49)
-Make your own burger garland kit (RRP £8)
-Mini burger candy (RRP £1)
-Pizza wish bracelet (RRP £4)
-50's diner sticker pack (RRP £5)
-Burger cross stich pattern from Geeky Stitching Company
-HOW Newsletter with Miss Cherry Makewell interview
-A clue to next month's theme :D 

I really enjoyed designing and making this theme. I think the red, white and blue colours look awesome together and on the goodies. I loved the garland so much I ended up keeping one for HOW HQ! I'm thinking a make your own garland range would be pretty rad! right? What do you think? Would you be interested if we bought this in as a range?

Has anyone guessed next month's theme yet? I think we have had 2 people guess it correctly at the moment... I wonder what it could be???!!! :D Anyway this mystery theme will be available on the 1st of April (no joke!!! :D) at 9am so set your alarms!

 If you missed this box fear not! We now have a couple more available over in our Etsy store right here

Have an awesome easter break little Wonderlanders :) 

My top 5 reasons for being self-employed!

Sunday, 13 March 2016
So you may have seen recently that we have been joining in on Joanne Hawker's #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge and in the process of doing so have discovered some amazing designers, artists and brands that I never knew about (that awesome feeling when you discover someone amazing and your just like WOW! how did I ever live with out....) :D Anyway as a little extension of this challenge I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons for being self employed! So let's get started!....

1. Being my own boss! - For me this a big big part of how I started.... I just really don't take orders too well! :D I always seem to find the 9-5 jobs too slow paced and just not challenging enough. By being my own boss I am able to work as many hours as I would like! Got a slow patch? No biggie! Make more work for yourself! There's ALWAYS an endless list of things to do!
2. Flexibility - With 3 young boys this is super important to me as there are a lot of school runs, last minute parties and other errands to do! Running House Of Wonderland means I can work, school run, come back and work. If I loose too much time during the day, no problemo I can make it up in the evening. Have a fixed 9-5 job wouldn't give me that and also means I would have less time with my ikkle monsters :D 
 3. Uniform - What uniform? I pretty much spend most of my working days in my PJ's and I'm okay with that! No horrible coloured polyester uniforms for me! 
 4. Creative Freedom- Being able to do something I am super passionate about is just a dream! Everyday is never like the previous, each day challenging and a new adventure. Being able to sit and sketch unicorns (whilst munching cake, dressed up in a onesie) and then create them into a range of fun products is just amazing!  All you need to do is believe in yourself! 
 5. No limits- There's no limit to what you can earn and no limit to what you can achieve. I have learned so far you get as much out of it as you put in. A regular job limits you to a set wage which working for yourself doesn't! Whilst a job may offer more stability and a guaranteed income it won't generally give you the opportunity to reach your personal dreams and goals! 

I hope you enjoyed ready this post! It's a bit different from my usual but we gotta have some verity right?  What are your thoughts on working for yourself? What's your favourite reasons?

Have a magical evening! Oh and don't forget to check out our HOW Jewellery Club boxes! We only have a few left so make sure you grab yours now :)