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Tuesday, 27 May 2014
Ahoy there fellow Wonderlanders!

I am sorry to say that Tess has been bogged down with so much work lately she hasn't had a chance to post a new blog. So, instead, you are stuck with me! Arrr!

I'm told that I am to talk about any new stuff that's been going on here at HOW HQ and not talk about my brand new pirate ship :( I guess I'll get straight into it :)

Lately Tess has made these FANTASTIC paper cuts! She has made a brilliant Studio Ghibli based one, with a little help from me, and some nagging to put more Chibis on it.

After a bit more nagging from me, she made this Dr Who one!

Then, after locking me out of the room (no idea why!), she made her favourite one yet, DISNEY!! Which I think is made perfect by little Timone :D

You can buy all of these on ebay for now:

Studio Ghibli Papercut:
Dr Who Papercut:
Disney Papercut:

Lastly, Tess kept her hands busy by making this amazing little Eve from Wall-E! Unfortunately, she isn't for sale, despite how much everybody loves her :P But hopefully, one day she'll have her Wall-E to keep her company :D

This blog has been brought to you by the much respected and feared,
Steve the Pirate
(Fighting the seven seas since I built my imaginary boat)
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