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Santa Paws is coming to town....

Thursday, 4 December 2014
With Christmas just around the corner Santa Paws has begun the EPIC search of perrrrrrfect gifts for one's feline companion.  Whist hunting around for the best gift it has come to my attention that gifts for cat's are hard to find! There seems to be so much aimed at dog lovers and not enough for our fluffy friends... So with that in mind I begun the great hunt for the most superb gift for a certain little playmate!

As an independent shop my first stop was other British designers.  Here are a few I discovered along the way...
Top left: Custom made cat dish from here
Top right: Candy Cane collar from here
Bottom left: Pack of 2 catnip mice from here
Bottom right: Hello Kitty cat bowl from here

And after discovering I may have gotten a little tiny ikkle bit carried away and went on a spree! So I did manage to find some gifts for Dinah (I say some.... hummm... a few....) Well our little fluffball has been well and truly spoilt! BUT! I did find some other mention-worthy goodies that I have to share with you!.... Feathers & Tails... now they make the most ADORABLE little bows, collars and harnesses for cats and dogs! Be sure to check out their sale price for half price offers ;) Zukie Style is also a great stop for pet bandannas, collars and leads.  The Natural Pet toy company has the sweetest little gifts for your loveable friend.With a page dedicated to Christmas bits as well as stocking items for Cats, Dogs and even Rabbits! AND finally Norsvana have fantastic handmade pet toys made in the UK.  Go check them out!

So that concludes my great search.  I hope that helps.  If you know of an awesome pet gift give us a comment below!


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