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Bear Cot Mobile Tutorial

Tuesday 24 March 2015
Today marks 32 weeks of ickle bump! So with it only being 8 weeks until baby makes his entrance I spent the last weekend working on a brand new cot mobile for him.  I thought I would share with you how I made it so if you fancied making your own you can! YAY!

I'm creating quite a modern(ish) nursery so when I saw these knitted fabric packs by designers Bob & John knitwear I had to have them!  

Jonie was very helpful and sent over a photograph of all the packs she had available so I could choose 3 suitable packs.  These retail at £8 a pack or you can get 3 packs for £20.  It's insanely great value and the quality of the fabrics are just amazing.  I found I needed 3 packs to make 5 bears for my mobile and I have some scraps left over which im planing to make some booties with too!

After finding the perfect fabric I began my search for a simple modern bear template to use.  I came across Warren the Charity Bear on Pinterest.  I printed the bear pattern at A6 size to fit on my fabrics.  I used the main body piece and the tall muzzle.  Once I had printed and cut out my pattern I matched up two co-coordinating pieces of fabric and drew my pattern in sharpie on the back.  I pinned it together and then sewed it just to the left of my outline.  I found this method worked best and trimming after as the knitted fabric and smallness of the bears made it a little fiddly to do.  
As you can see I left a little gap for turning.  Once my bear had been cut out and turned I stuffed the bear with The Craft Factory Supersoft Toy Filling.  I then hand sewed the little gab closed and repeat the process to make as many bears as you want :)

After you have finished making your little bits you need to give them their own little personalities!
For the muzzle I attached a scrap piece of interfacing to the back of a scrap piece of cotton fabric and embroidered my nose in brown embroidery floss.  I added little ric rac trip, 3mm coloured buttons, tulle and other craft supplies to give them their own little characters! 
Ta Dahhh! Here are the completed bears I made.  I'm very happy with how they turned out.  I think the fabrics and characters work so well together and they look quite modern and geometric which I love.

After the bears I crocheted up some little balls to tie onto the sting.  I made 5 little balls in assorted DK yarn using a 2.5mm crochet hook.
To make the balls simply follow this pattern:
Row 1: Magic Circle, Make 6 Single Crochets into the circle. (6)
Row 2: Make 2 Single Crochets into every stitch. (12)
Row 3: Make 2 single crochets in the first stitch and 1 single crochet into the second stitch.  Repeat this to the end (18)
Row 4-7: Make 1 single crochet into every stitch.
Row 8: Skip 1 stitch, single crochet 2 stitches.  Repeat to the end (12)
Stuff your little ball now :)
Row 9: Skip 1 stitch, 1 single crochet.  Repeat to end (6)
Fasten off and weave in ends.

After making these balls I also made 3 more using the same method but working with embroidery floss and a 1.75mm crochet hook.  After making all my balls I grabbed a wooden embroidery hoop and secured my bears and balls to the hoop using sewing, super glue and tiny knots. 
I am super please with how it all came out.  I am planning to add a musical box to it along with a stand to make it spin! (I like a challenge! :D)  I hope this little tutorial is of use to you.  Please share anything you do make as I'd love to see how it came out :)

Have a magical day :)
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