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Quick Make! Crochet Heart Tree Decorations

Thursday, 10 December 2015
I know it has been aggggggggggges since we released a new crochet pattern.  This was pretty much down to our recent relocation as well as illness but we have been working on something special! All will be revealed soon! ...but in the meantime here is a quick festive make for your tree or to gift to family and friends...

So here is what we are going to be making....

Aren't they just adorable? So to make your very own you will need:

-A 4mm crochet hook
-Scraps of Red and Cream DK weight yarn

MC - Magic Circle

CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
TR - Treble Crochet
SL ST - Slip sitich

*note- I didn't use and stuffing in my hearts.  I left long tails and used them to pad my hearts.  But of course do whatever is best for you :)

1.  Make a MC and CH2.  Into the circle work 3TR, 4DC, 1TR, 4DC, 3TR, CH2 and SL ST.  Pull tightly to close the ring.
2.  CH1. Make a SC in your first TR from the previous row. 3HDC into the next st, 2HDC in the next st, 4SC, 2HDC in the next st, 4SC, 2HDC into the next st, 3HDC in to the next st and finally 1SC in the last st.  SL ST to the base to join.  Fasten off leaving a long tail.
3.  You will need to make 2 hearts to make this decoration.  Once you have two use the contrasting yarn to embroider snowflakes, stars and long stitches.  Fasten off leaving long tails.
4.  Hold two hearts together (with right sides facing out) and with one of the long tails sew the hearts together though the back loops using a whip stitch.  Stuff will polyfil or push in all of your long ends to pad.  
5.  Make the loop with one of your long tails knotting inside the heart and fastening off to secure. Taaa dahhhh we are all done! Time to go hang up these bad boys...

I hope you enjoy making up these heart Christmas tree decorations! Please feel free to share your heart decorations on any of our social media pages :) Wouldn't these look amazzzzzzzzzzing in rainbow colours???

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