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My favourite Harry Potter makes!

Sunday, 21 February 2016
My son, Joshua has recently gotten into Harry Potter, and he has gone HP mad! His birthday is coming up in March and when I asked him what he wanted he made a list of only HP stuff! So the DIY in me began to search the internet to find a couple of goodies to make him. I came across some awesome finds so I'll share a few with you below... Firstly here are the piece's I made him....

The first thing I made him was a golden stitch! This was a super quick project and very simple to do. I used scrap cotton yarn to make mine and I found the pattern for it here.

After this quick make I decided on something a little more challenging... A Mandrake! This one took me a grand total of 17 failed attempts to get it right! But I think it was well worth it as Josh is going to adore it! You can find the pattern to make your own right here.

After crocheting the mandrake I wanted another quick project (are you noticing a pattern here yet? :D) So I decided to make a childrens sized Griffindor scarf. I made this in about 30 minutes (over 5,500 sts in 30 minutes! Pretty sweet right?) on my Prym knitting mill midi. If you haven't tried the knitting mills out before I totally recommend them! They are great if you want to create something quickly and require pretty much no knowledge to do! I have done 2 brief posts before on the larger prym knitting mill before here and here. Maybe I should do a tutorial on it? Anyway, I knitted 13 blocks of colour and each block is about 20 rounds if you would like to replicate it. 

Once I had finished making the scarf I also found a house elf pattern by the same person who wrote the madrake pattern. I was a little hesitant as the mandrake took me 17 attempts! :D But decided to give it ago anyway! This one was much simpler and I managed to finish him in just over a week. You can grab the pattern for this one here.

As well as the ones I made I found some more amazing patterns which I will list below. I won't be making them for Joshua's birthday but I think I'll try and get through as many as I can for his Christmas! 
Squarks the Phoenix, available via Ravelry
Doll sized sorting hat, available via Etsy
Fluffy the 3 headed dog, available via Etsy
Ipad cosy, available via Ravelry
Muggle Mitts, available via Ravelry
Dumbledores Army Armband, available via Ravelry
Wand, available via Ravelry 
The Gamekeeper, available via Ravelry
Monster book, available via Ravelry

Have you seen or found any awesome HP makes? Let me know but commenting below :)
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