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My top 5 reasons for being self-employed!

Sunday, 13 March 2016
So you may have seen recently that we have been joining in on Joanne Hawker's #MarchMeetTheMaker challenge and in the process of doing so have discovered some amazing designers, artists and brands that I never knew about (that awesome feeling when you discover someone amazing and your just like WOW! how did I ever live with out....) :D Anyway as a little extension of this challenge I wanted to share with you my top 5 reasons for being self employed! So let's get started!....

1. Being my own boss! - For me this a big big part of how I started.... I just really don't take orders too well! :D I always seem to find the 9-5 jobs too slow paced and just not challenging enough. By being my own boss I am able to work as many hours as I would like! Got a slow patch? No biggie! Make more work for yourself! There's ALWAYS an endless list of things to do!
2. Flexibility - With 3 young boys this is super important to me as there are a lot of school runs, last minute parties and other errands to do! Running House Of Wonderland means I can work, school run, come back and work. If I loose too much time during the day, no problemo I can make it up in the evening. Have a fixed 9-5 job wouldn't give me that and also means I would have less time with my ikkle monsters :D 
 3. Uniform - What uniform? I pretty much spend most of my working days in my PJ's and I'm okay with that! No horrible coloured polyester uniforms for me! 
 4. Creative Freedom- Being able to do something I am super passionate about is just a dream! Everyday is never like the previous, each day challenging and a new adventure. Being able to sit and sketch unicorns (whilst munching cake, dressed up in a onesie) and then create them into a range of fun products is just amazing!  All you need to do is believe in yourself! 
 5. No limits- There's no limit to what you can earn and no limit to what you can achieve. I have learned so far you get as much out of it as you put in. A regular job limits you to a set wage which working for yourself doesn't! Whilst a job may offer more stability and a guaranteed income it won't generally give you the opportunity to reach your personal dreams and goals! 

I hope you enjoyed ready this post! It's a bit different from my usual but we gotta have some verity right?  What are your thoughts on working for yourself? What's your favourite reasons?

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