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Thursday, 5 May 2016
As you may have seen from our Instagram I have gone totally bonkers for awesome pins and patches and wanted to share with you the start of my collection! My collection began just a couple of months ago when we done the mermaid themed HOW jewellery club box and we included an awesome part time mermaid pin. Well since then it's grown.... just a little....
Top left fly my pretties pin from HOW Jewellery Club, Part time mermaid pin for HOW Jewellery Club by Punky Pins, Girl Gang pin from Lucky Dip Club, Die hard pins, Johnny Depp pin and Lemmy is god pins from Good Good Pins, Fox Mulder pin from Robin Eisenberg, Unicorn head pin from Pin Club, Lipstick Knife patch from Tallulah Lost, Drew Patch from Papergang, Fancy cake pin from Holly Sims Design, Trust no one collar clips from House Of Wonderland, Unicorn poop pin from Mighty Pop, Mexican Cactus Pin from Clumsy Kate, Fabulous pin from HOW Jewellery Club, The crybaby club patch from Crybaby girl gang, Adventurer patch from Labarbudashop, Ghostbusters and Wednesday patch from Diablo Jo, You're doing okay patch from Samantha Eynon.
How awesome are these right? But wait! There is more.... :D 
 This adorable little dino and kitty pin are from we are extinct
And finally this Jurassic park and Wonderwoman patch are from Panda Seven Shop
I am still awaiting another 12 deliveries of patches and pins! :D I'm pretty sure it's normal to be this obsessed right??? :D I need to find an awesome jacket or bag to flaunt these on as my little banner is getting full pretty fast! :D 

Have you seen any awesome patches and pins lately? How do you wear them? Tell me below V V V

Oh! Before I go I have a couple of things to share with you. The first one being that I made crybaby club's button finalists whooooooop! If you could give the Crybaby wanda a little vote that would be awesome! Just click here to go to the page! 

And lastly we released more of our brand new biscuit invasion boxes last night! EEEK! Head over to the website now at to grab yours :)

Have a magical day!

2 comments on "The pin game"
  1. Pin game strong! I've been trying to reduce spending to one pin a month.

  2. I really like your collection!!! They are beautiful! Particularly like the glittery ones. I hear ya on the obsession! I have general brooch obsession! Can't seem to stop buying them even though I already have about 60!