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HOW Jewellery Club - 90s Nostalgia

Tuesday, 28 June 2016
This month we took a flash back to the 90s. This was the era we grew up in and one we are pretty fond of! I mean double denim, cheesy pop & epic pokemon collections... we were pretty set right? So inspired by this super fun era we decided to do a whole box designed around it! It's been a great theme to work on and reviving. Researching this theme and hunting down all of our favourite old classics was the best! Maybe we should do some other eras too? Anyway let's get to our blog post reveal! Here was the listing image for this box: 
This design features a troll, dream phone, tamagotchi, candy ring pop and polly pocket inspired pattern design which sold out in record time too! :O Right let's take a look at what was inside shall we? :)
So much awesome in one box right?!?!? :O I'm having flash backs already! :D Let's break it down and see some more photos :) 
In this box you will find:
-Silver coloured troll necklace(RRP £10)
-1" Wooden Limited Edition Troll Pin (RRP £5)
-Bubblegum adjustable ring(RRP £5)
-Tattoo Choker Necklace (RRP £2)
-Candy Necklace Sweetie (RRP £1)
-Mini 'ugh as if' Clueless inspired print (RRP £5)
-Papermate Scented pin (We have 3 colours I think!) (RRP £2)
-Make your own patch sewing kit (RRP £7)
-A6 Colouring book (RRP £6)
-Girl Power Sticker from Mighty Pop (RRP £1)
-Mini troll toy
-A sprinkle of magic
And the add on earrings this month were a set of mini troll glittery studs!
I have a few top picks from this month! For me the colouring book is one of favourites (this really helped distract me when I recently gave up smoking!) The necklaces and the print are just totally adorable and the patch is deffo going up somewhere in HOW HQ! What was your favourite item from this box?

Before we go we have a few more updates for you on next months box... So as you may have noticed/heard we are giving our little jewellery club a make over! Our next theme is titled The Cactus Takeover and will be released as normal on the 1st of July at 9am over on

The next month will be just £12 to join instead of the previous price of £19! We are giving the contents are revival too and focusing on only jewellery. We will be making these more complex and more luxurious compared to our previous pieces. For the bargain price of just £12 you will receive 1 necklace, 2 pairs of earrings and 1-2 other mystery items! This could include rings, brooches, bracelets or even the odd stationery item!  By making it more luxurious and a great low price these are the perfect guilt free treat or even ideal for putting away for gifting. I'm hoping you will enjoy them as much if not more than our previous boxes! :)

So set your alarms and reminders now for July the 1st, 9am! 
See you then little Wonderlanders!

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