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Make Your Own Tassel Garland!

Monday, 14 November 2016
Have you spotted all those amazing colourful garlands? everywhere?!? :O :D Well I have been lusting after them forever and finally decided to make one. I photographed the process and I'll link below where I got my supplies so you guys can make one too!
Here is my amazing new garland which is now hanging beautifully in the doorway of HOW HQ! I purchased 3 different colours of tassels to do my garland. The tassels were £1.00 per 5. I bought 5 packs, one for the garland pictured above and 2 packs for a garland I was making for my sons birthday :)
The tassels arrive in packets like this and require a little assembly. I found these ones on ebay here
To make the tassels you need to first separate all the layers. There was 5 tassels in every pack and these were quite fiddly to separate but if you go slow it's all good :D 
Once you have separated them open one out like the above or so it somewhat resembles a face hugger :D :D :D 
Start by folding the tassel like so....
Until it is about 1/4" wide
Next twist the middle like this. By folding it first it makes the overall tassel neater and easier to twist. 
Fold it in half and this gives us the loop to hang our tassel
To secure wrap one of the strands around the top and secure with a spot of glue. Repeat this until all of your tassels are done and thread onto string. My pack came with the string so I didn't require any extra bits and bobs. It was such a simple project to make but was a little time consuming. Here is the finished result...
I'm so happy with how it came out and think it looks pretty good against our sprinkle wall! :D
It seems Dinah wasn't to impressed though :( 
I'd love to see your garlands if you decide to make one :)

I hope you enjoyed this super quick make! I'm hoping to share a few more over December if I get a chance to finish the posts! :D  

Hope you have a magical week!
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