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Saturday, 19 April 2014
So as you may have seen our new website is live! Whooooo hooooo! The new shop also comes with some shiny new features and products... So what's different I hear you ask??? ;)

-Well on the new site you can now stalk us! Sign up to follow us and you can get updates on the latest HOW goodies along with freebies, competitions and offers!
-In the top left hand corner of the website you will also find a search bar so you can now find your favourite pretties easier.
-We have also simplified the website and created clear and simple, easy to use categories to make things a bit easier.
-You may also find on our product pages you can now get recommendations for more HOW pretties to add to your collection.
-Our new website now works across most mobiles, tablets and computers!

and wait for it... there's more!

-you will also be able to find our deal of the day every morning on the website! (be sure to check in tomorrow morning for a VERY special offer!)

So we think it's pretty awesome! What do you think?

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