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Spiffing Notebook Labels

Monday, 14 April 2014
Today I have been organising all my lists! Who'd of thought a girl can have so many different lists? Lists to make lists! So I decided it's time to sort this out... I had these notebooks lying about and had to go to Tesco to purchase a diary (until I find my other one OOOOPS!)

So I created the spiffing little labels to go on the front.
Get yours here: Craftsy

Print your labels at best quality. (You could print them on label paper too ;))

I then laminated mine (because I like shiny) and then cut them out.

Next just glue them down with your favourite glue! I like UHU

And Taaaa dahhhh! Prepare to be organised!

I hope you enjoy using these labels. Please DO NOT SELL ANY PRODUCTS MADE FROM THIS DESIGN & PLEASE DO NOT RE-DISTRIBUTE THIS PATTERN! Thank you!!!!!! :)


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