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Thursday, 30 October 2014
Hi, I’m Melissa and I’m a new intern at House of Wonderland. I’m 24; from Edinburgh and a recent graduate of Glasgow University (I did History).

**Random Facts about Me**
1)    I am crazy about animals. Especially cats.
2)    My favourite colours are pink, purple and black.
3)    My favourite films are musicals and horrors. Weird combination I know.
4)    I like sports and did cheerleading, surfing, skiing, lacrosse and riding at university. One of my childhood career fantasies was to be a figure skater, unfortunately last time I was on ice I broke my wrist so clearly it’s not meant to be…
5)    I have complete wanderlust and constantly dream about travelling. I constantly want to be somewhere else and fantasise about being in the likes of New York, Paris, Tokyo, Rome, even London…

Here is a selection of my favourite items at HOW:

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