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Friday, 31 October 2014
It’s once again the time of year when the dead are said to roam the earth, given free reign for one night of the world of the living. The ancient feast of All Souls bids farewell to summer, and in other countries they see it as ritual to remember and mourn people who have passed, taking flowers and family photographs to the graves of loved ones long gone.

As a team who grew up in the UK, however, the staff at HOW will always associate Halloween with the warm tallow smell, unlike any other as a tea light flickers behind the eyes, nose and chiseled mouth of a pumpkin lantern. There Jack-O-Lanterns are at once cosy and sinister, welcoming us home with their bright contorted faces.

The team at HOW are looking forward to carving their own pumpkins, the long labour of removing the pulp and pip therapeutic in its repetitiveness. Tessa, who runs HOW is the artist among us, and doubtless her pumpkin will be more intricate and beautiful than those of the rest of the team, but even the most clumsily carved pumpkin has an innocent charm, which captures the childlike mischievous spirit of this night of ghosts, ghouls and vampires.

We would love HOW fans to submit pictures (and stories) of your own adventures with pumpkin carving below this post!
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