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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Japanese Fashion
With Christmas and New Year approaching nearer, our customers may be thinking about trying something different, whether gifts for friends and family or a style update as a resolution for 2015. In which case HOW recommends following the ever-evolving style trends of Japan. Japanese style is known for being cute, daring and individualistic – much like the products at HOW! It relies on a variety of themes such as Victoriana, kawaii and taking influence from anime. We think Japanese fashion is a perfect fit for HOW fans as it shirks the norm, makes a bold statement and sets the wearer apart from the crowd. Japanese fashion produced many movements such as Lolita and cosplay. We have posted some examples of Japanese and Tokyo fashion for our followers and we encourage you to follow the most interesting of global fashions

                                (Street fashion photos taken from www.tokyofashion.comproduct photos from

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