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That Festive Feeling

Friday, 7 November 2014
At House of Wonderland we are excited for the festive season, the one time of year where a girl can make herself sparkle like the fairy on top of the Christmas tree. Low key fashion is for once shunned in favour of full of glamour.

Here House of Wonderland put together our ideal Christmas party outfit, chosen for the girl who wants to shine!

The Little black dress is the centre of any outfit, allowing your accessories, makeup and natural beauty to shine. HoW loves this Cosmic Sparkle Maxi Dress from French Connection, in sequin which are perfect for reflecting those glittering Christmas lights.

The plunging neckline makes this a great dress for wearing with a statement necklace, such as this striking Amethyst Gemstone Necklace from HoW. The darkness of the dress will bring to life the vibrant colour of the necklace, making a bold statement, suitable for a girl who’s ready to stop an entire room as they turn to look at her. In this dress you will look like a siren from a Hitchcock film, and you could even wear HoW’s earrings, with a Silhouette of the famous director, a subtle nod to the old school glamour to which you are paying homage.

Team with a Smokey eye, as seen in this tutorial by celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge,  and high heels  (HoW loves these Polka Dot ones also from French Connection) but remember to bring a pair of flat shoes in your bag, because life isn’t fun unless you can dance.

Talking of flat shoes HoW loves these Ruby Slip ons from Pretty Ballerina, as they remind us of the Wizard of Oz, a pair of shoes you can click together to take you home for Christmas. Continuing with the fairy tale theme, these would be beautiful worn with House of Wonderland’s  Black Silhouette Peter Pan and Wendy Earrings.

 The Romantics among you could float through a starlit city in this pale blue dress from Monsoon, teamed with these Love Tattoo Swallow Stud Earrings from HoW, bearing the word Love.

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