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Daily Doodle - Illustrators Block!

Friday, 12 August 2016
A few months ago I received an awesome shiny new sketchbook from Ohh Deer in collaboration with Urban Outfitters! This amazing book is titled 'Daily Doodle'. The daily doodle book is basically an A-Z of drawing prompts. A fantastic idea for artists if you come across block! Here is what the book looks like.

I have been using the book as prompts for new possible ranges and I wanted to share with you some of the designs I have created inspired by this book.

I have also been turning the completed illustrations into stickers and sticking them into the book! :D Check out a couple of them below :) 

I really love this book and i'm super excited to fill it with loads of super cute colourful illustrations. The only downside is sometimes trying to squeeze all your art into one little triangle can be difficult! Hence I created colourful glossy stickers! :D 

You can find this book over on ohh deer here

What do you think of having a daily doodle sketchbook? Would you buy one?

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