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Make Your Own Childrens Belt

Sunday, 7 August 2016
Yesterday I dusted off my sewing machine in order to make some things for our boys that have been on the list to do for quite some time now. Top of my list was to make a belt. Here is the completed belt....

Isn't it great?! To make one of these you will need:
-1m 1" printed grosgrain ribbon (I found mine here)
-1m of 2mm thick coordinating webbing, 1" (I found mine here)
-Coordinating thread
-Belt Buckle (I found mine here)

I managed to source all of these supplies from eBay but you should also find them at your local craft store/habadashery. So let's get started!

1.  First we need to secure the ribbon to the webbing. Hold this in place and sew using a topstitch close to the edge.

2.  See down both sides of the ribbon to secure.

3. Next we need to attach the belt buckle to the webbing...

4. Follow the instructions on your manufacturers packaging to attach the belt. Mine didn't come with any instructions so this is how I done mine... Insert the webbing through the little space near the teeth. I folded mine over so it would give the buckle something sturdy to sink the teeth into!

5. Next I covered up the buckle with a piece of felt and hammered the teeth down to secure. Test it by pulling it! It shouldn't come loose at all!

6. Lastly you need to finish off the other end of the webbing. To do this I used a little fray check along the edge. But also sewed a little box with a cross in it just in case!

And we are finished! Whoooo hoooo!

I'm planing to make loads more of these for my little ones! If you make one using my instructions be sure to tag @ or # houseofwonderland as i would love to see how it turned out!

Have a magical week!

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